Good Show: Steve McConnell on .NET Rocks

(This post was imported from an earlier blog. It was first published in 2008.)

I listen to a podcast called .NET Rocks while taking the train into town. It’s a great audio show for .NET developers: free, entertaining, and informative.

I’ve been catching up on some previous shows. Today, I listened to one show from back in February, when Steve McConnell was the featured guest. I’m a big McConnell fan. Steve’s books Code Complete, Rapid Development, and the Software Project Survival Guide. Every developer should have a copy of Code Complete (and read it!)

So, if you missed that particular show, I recommend listening to it. Steve McConnell is one heck of a smart guy and it’s worth listening to what he has to say in .NET Rocks Show #215.

Note: The show discusses software development practices in general, so even if you have little or nothing to do with .NET software development, it is worth listening to.